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Duvel Golden Ale 750mlDuvel Golden Ale 750ml
Size: 750ml
Country: Belgium
Sub-Region: Breendonk-Puurs
Producer: Duvel Moortgaat

Duvel has the complexity and depth of an ale, with the ease and refreshing nature of a Pilsner. As you put the Duvel glass to your lips an uprush of complex aromas immediately gain your attention. Then as you tip the golden Belgian ale on to your expectant taste buds, mellow malt flavors lure you further into the beer’s beguiling depths. Dive in and enjoy the difference.

Like a fine wine or single malt, it’s good to enjoy Duvel at the right temperature (40-50 degrees F) and in its appropriate glass, while pouring it correctly helps to bring out its abundant aromas and intriguing flavors. The pouring ritual is simple and easy to master, and one of those things everyone should know.

Some new to this beer are unsure how to pronounce Duvel, which is Flemish for Devil. Is it ‘Doov’l or Doo-velle? The answer is yes, both are correct. The Flemish pronunciation is ‘Doov’l, while the French speaking Belgians favor Doo-velle. Either way you can be sure to get what you want, because there is only one Duvel.