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Deutz Classic Brut ChampagneDeutz Classic Brut Champagne

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One of the oldest members of Champagne's prestigious association of Grandes Marques houses, Champagne Deutz has been making distinctive Champagnes characterized by finesse, elegant vinosity and complexity since 1838. Owning a considerable portion of its own vineyards, Deutz selects only the top quality grapes from 275 acres of vineyards in the finest crus of Champagne. The wines are slowly and carefully aged in Deutz's chalk-walled cellars far beneath the historic village of A

The distinctive house style of elegance and finesse which has made Champagne Deutz one of the most respected of all Champagne houses, is reflected in this fine non-vintage Champagne. Matured according to traditional methods from a blend of several vintages from twenty of the best crus of Champagne, it reaches a perfect balance of flavor.

Blend: Approximately 38% Pinot Noir, 32% Pinot Meunier and 30% Chardonnay. Pressing: Automatic and tradtional Coquard basket presses. Fermentation: 100% malolactic fermentation. Primary fermentation occurs in 3,000 gallon tanks at 62 F for two weeks. Aging: A blend of several vintages are aged at least two years en tirage. Riddling: Hand riddled in traditional pupitre racks. Dosage: A half-ounce blend of cane sugar and old vintage wine which changes from year to year depending on the demands of the vintage.