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Mandarine NapoleonMandarine Napoleon

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DESCRIPTION: Bright, pale pinkish-amber hue. Subdued, warming tangerine and herb aromas. A smooth entry leads to a moderately full-bodied palate with a touch of sweetness. Deeply flavored and intense. Lingering, velvety finish with a touch of heat.


TASTING LOCATION: Tasted under ideal conditions at the Beverage Testing Institute Inc., in Chicago.

Mandarine Napoleon is the liqueur for all seasons. Since, 1892, Mandarine Napoleon has enchanted discriminating palates throughout the world. Mandarine Napoleon's distinctive flavor comes from tangerines-mandarine in France is what we know as a tangerine. Mandarine Napoleon is made from fresh mandarine peels, which are macerated, in selected superior fine spirits for a period of several weeks. The macerated alcolat subsequently is distilled three times collectively with a secret combination of botanicals to obtain a fine and opulent concentrate. The resulting distillate continues an aging process for a period of at least 3 years with the result of acquiring a rich, mellow and harmonious taste. When the time comes for the final blending of the distillate, the master blender will add a combination of selected superior fine spirits and Cognac according to the original centenary recipe.

Mandarine Napoleon liqueur is perfect served straight or on ice, from cocktails to cooking - the essential ingredient.