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Tusker Beer 12oz.Tusker Beer 12oz.
Size: 12oz.

THE TUSKER STORY Kenya Breweries was formally registered on December 8, 1922, by George And Charles Hurst. Their first beer was brewed in small copper vessels heated by Kuni fires. It was bottled by hand and the Breweries' first order of ten cases was personally delivered to the General Manager of the Stanley Hotel which, over the years, has hosted kings, queens and international adventures like William Holden and Ernest Hemingway.Tusker was reported to be Hemingways favorite beer. Their unique Lager beer soon became as much a part of East Africa's tradition as safari itself. George Hurst was killed in 1923 by a changing bull elephant. In memory of his tragic death, the famous lager that he had created was named TUSKER. Today, TUSKER "The beer from the shadow of Kilimanjaro" is known throughout the world. And now, you can enjoy this special international favorite which is made with bima equatorial barley and the pure waters of Mizuma Springs in Kenya. On the label of every bottle of Tusker Lager are the words Bia Y Angu Nchi Yangu. That's swahili for "MY Beer My Country."