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Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 56Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 56
Size: 750ml
Country: USA
Region: California
Producer: Marietta Old Vine

Chris Bilbro puts his life into his wine. As a child, growing up in his great aunt Marietta’s kitchen and garden, Chris learned to make the most with very little. While the presentation was simple, the food was always the right temperature, the portions were plentiful, and flavors were exceptional. This standard still holds true today. Chris’s winery is in many ways operated in the style of Marietta’s kitchen; just as Marietta wasn’t afraid of garlic and rosemary, Chris isn’t afraid of jammy fruit or ripe grapes.

Any chance he gets, Chris is outside. Whether it is at his ranch in Yorkville hunting mushrooms and wild boar, abalone diving in the Pacific, salmon fishing in Alaska, or pheasant hunting in Montana, Chris is equally passionate about his outdoor activities as he is about his winemaking. Constantly restocking his freezers, Chris can provide a wild game cuisine to suit any of his wines, along with fresh vegetables from his garden, on a moments notice. With no formal training in winemaking, Chris found mentors in wine as well as in life through old Italians the likes of Vic Berrizzi, and Frank Pastori. Chris developed his style and “cut his teeth” making sausage with Vic, picking olives with Frank, and gardening with his great aunt Marietta.