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Fernet BrancaFernet Branca
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Size: 750ml
Producer: Fernet Branca

Saffron is just one of the over 40 herbs and spices used to make Fernet-Branca: much more than Italy’s greatest after-dinner drink, it is a key ingredient in the healthy lifestyle that Europeans and Americans have been enjoying for over 150 years. The health-enhancing properties of Fernet-Branca (fehr-NEHT BRAHN-kah) have made it the favored "digestivo" at tables across the world. Traditionally served straight up at the end of a meal, it aids in digestion and cleanses the palate. It can also be used to spike espresso to make the famous "caffè corretto" (literally, "spiked coffee") which is served all over the world. In recent years, as a new generation of Americans and Europeans has discovered the invigorating liqueur, many have begun to serve it on the rocks, with cola, fruit juice, Grenadine, or just a splash of mineral water.