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Boru Vodka OriginalBoru Vodka Original

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Size: 750ml

"Fresh, slightly bready aroma with a pleasant grassiness. The body is mouth-coatingly syrupy and the palate is sharp, clean and peppery while retaining a nice neutrality, but with lots of character. The finish is warm and of medium length. A well-crafted vodka suitable as an ingredient in a martini."

Rating: 92 Wine Enthusiast

"Excellent, highly recommended. Gentle, delicately perfumed, clean and neutral. Would be excellent on its own or in a Martini."

Wine & Spirits

"Quadruple distilled, filtered through charcoal;...the overall impression is one of bona fide quality and distilling care; the weight/texture of Boru is what makes it appealing."

Rating:3 stars F. Paul Pacute, Spirit Journal

* Boru - named for Brian Boru, the first high king of Ireland - is the only ultra-premium vodka from Ireland.

* Boru Vodka is made from grain and pure Irish spring water.

* Boru is quadruple distilled for smoothness, then filtered through ten feet of charcoal for purity.

* Wine Enthusiast gave Boru Vodka a "92" rating.

* Boru is available in original, citrus and orange flavors.