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Vincent Van Gogh VodkaVincent Van Gogh Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Vincent Vodka is a supremely smooth, rainwater-clear spirit handcrafted in small batches. The finest grain is used in a gradual process of multiple distillations to create a remarkably harmonious and elegant finish in this ultrapremium vodka. Several distillations in column stills at 196 proof remove the congeners (by-products) and create a highly refined alcohol. The grain alcohol then goes through additional distillations to reduce the proof to 120, and purified water is added to bring the final proof to 80. Unlike many other vodkas, no lemon juice or sugar are added. Vincent Vodka is made purely from the heart of this delicately crafted distillate.

Rated 94 by Wine Enthusiast

Received a 5 Star (highest rating) by Spirits Journal

The Vincent Vodka bottle contains not only the finest vodka available, but features a mini art gallery, which can be viewed by rotating the bottle.

Vincent Vodka is made in Schiedam, Holland. Through multiple distillation of the alcohol, the Amsterdam recipe creates such smoothness and character as only found in a handmade, small-batch spirit. Grain alcohol is distilled several times in a column still at 194 proof to remove the congeners (bad by-products). Multiple distillation is done at 176 degrees Fahrenheit to create a 120 proof alcohol, which is reduced to 80 proof. Only the heart of the distillate is used for the vodka.