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Zafarrancho Silver TequilaZafarrancho Silver Tequila

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Aromas of caramelized agave, herbs, and sea air. The attack is smooth and dry with an herby, nutty flavor. The mouthfeel is slightly numbing with a fairly short finish.

At Zafarrancho, they bake their agaves in the traditional method, in stone ovens called hornos. This slow process ensures that the sugars are properly cooked and not caramelized. In an effort to reduce costs and speed up production, many brands use stainless steel autoclaves to pressure cook the agaves. While faster, autoclaves fail to properly hydrolyze the starches and don't totally convert the starches into the flavorful sugars.

They only use the juice from the first pressing of the baked agave, and then slowly ferment the agaves, a process that requires approximately 72-96 hours. Although time-consuming, they remove all the agaves' fibers from the juice; a process similar to the making of fine red wine. They also only use naturally produced yeasts to start fermentation. Other brands use chemically prepared yeasts that are designed to speed up fermentation, reducing the process down to a mere 36 hours.