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Abbotts Ale 4-Pack 500ml. CansAbbotts Ale 4-Pack 500ml. Cans

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Size: 500ml
Country: UK
Region: England
Sub-Region: Suffolk
Producer: Greene King

This irresistible ale has masses of fruit characters, a malty richness and superb hop balance. It is brewed longer to a unique recipe. Abbot Ale contains malted barley, it does not contain wheat in the recipe however some beers brewed in the same brewery have a proportion of wheat between 5 and 12% of the recipe. Glutens are present in Abbot Ale however the bottled versions of this beer has been filtered to minimise the level of soluble protein and to remove suspended particles and therefore typically contain less than 5mg per litre gluten. Sulphite levels in Abbot Ale are below 10mg/litre. Isinglass finings used to clarify beers, levels have been shown not to cause adverse reactions in people who are allergic to fish.

5% ABV