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Warsteiner Dunkel 6-pack 330ml. BottlesWarsteiner Dunkel 6-pack 330ml. Bottles
Size: 330ml

Warsteiner Premium Kunkel, is an exceptionally smooth and highly drinkable German dark lager. Dunkel has a deep chestnut brown hue, toasty malt and mocha aromas, with a medium-bodied palate and subtle hop bitterness on the finish. Dunkel is brewed with fresh Arnsberger Forest spring water sourced at the brewery in Warstein, Germany, naturally soft water that helps to create the smooth taste and thick creamy head.

Traditional German dark lager – brewed according to German Purity Law of 1516 with no chemical, additives or preservatives.
Brewed exclusively with German hop varieties… featuring Noble Hallertau hops and 100% two-row German spring barley malt.
4.8% alcohol by volume.