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Del Maguey Mezcal Santo Domingo AlbarradasDel Maguey Mezcal Santo Domingo Albarradas
Size: 750ml
Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Sub-Region: Santo Domingo Albarradas
Producer: Del Maguey

Del Maguey brings you a collection of Single VillageŽ Mezcals made in the lush, remote mountains, plains and valleys of Oaxaca, (wa-haka) Mexico. Santo Domingo Albarradas has a mountainous, cool, tropical micro-climate resulting in a high, light nose with a rich mineral, herbaceous taste and a long, dry, smooth finish. This rare mezcal is our first blend of two previously distilled mezcals: fifty-eight percent maguey Tobala and forty-two percent maguey Espadin produced the original, 400-year-old artisanal, hand-crafted way. This rare production is limited to 260 six-bottle cases. There are no chemicals, colorings or additives ever used in any Del Maguey, Single VillageŽ Mezcal.