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Del Maguey Tobala MezcalDel Maguey Tobala Mezcal

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Size: 750ml

Toeb-Bá-Lá is the ancient Zapotec phrase describing this most rare mezcal made from the wild mountain maguey. Toeb means maguey plant and Bá-lá means house, therefore shade hence-the plant that grows in the shade. This maguey is found growing naturally only in the highest altitude, shadowed canyons.Tobalá's form is different than the maguey Espadin (Sword) or maguey Azul (Blue). It is smaller and broader leafed. It takes about eight Tobala piñas (hearts) to equal one piña from either of the more commonly propagated and cultivated Magueys /Agaves. Whenever one mentions Tobalá in a smaller village, the peoples eyes light up and a broad smile covers their face. They say their Ancestors, in times before the maguey began to be cultivated by man in lower altitude fields, always made their mezcal from this wild plant.

Our Tobala has a sweet, fruity nose, with a mango and cinnamon taste and long, extra smooth finish. The pueblo elevation is around 8,200 feet, with a mountainous, tropical microclimate.

Traditionally the high mountain village's government "Municipios" permit their producers to cut Tobalá one month per year. The month before the village's patron saint's fiesta! They normally produce about 400 liters a year, which is almost totally consumed during the fiesta week