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Maker's Mark Rare 84 Proof 1L.Maker's Mark Rare 84 Proof 1L.
rws21284$126.33, 3 for $360.03, 6 for $682.14, 12 for $1,288.56
Size: 1.0L
Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Sub-Region: Loretto
Producer: Maker's Mark Distillery

When the news was announced that Maker's Mark would be lowering its proof from 90 to 84, fans of the whiskey complained loudly. So loudly in fact, that Maker's Mark reversed the decision almost immediately. But not before a handful of the 84 proof bottles were released.

This bottle of the 84 proof offers a rare taste of the whiskey that never was. That is, of course, if you choose to open it. Considering the scarcity of these bottles, and the unlikely prospects of Maker's Mark doing anything this foolish in the future, you may just want to hold onto it.

1.0L bottle (33% Larger than the standard 750ml)