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Buffalo Trace BourbonBuffalo Trace Bourbon
Size: 750ml
Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Sub-Region: Frankfort
Producer: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace is formerly the Ancient Age Distillery. It's flagship bourbon, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was introduced in August 1999. Buffalo Trace Distillery stands as the oldest distilling site in the United States. Located on what was once an ancient buffalo crossing on the banks of the Kentucky River in Franklin County, the distillery is a tribute not only to fine bourbon, but also to the American bison that created paths followed by America's earliest pioneers to new lands and opportunities.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, handcrafted according to a time-honored tradition, begins with the finest Kentucky and Indiana corn, selected rye, and superior malted barley, which represent the product's unique mash bill.

Fresh Kentucky limestone water is used for the mashing process, imparting its uniquely rich nutrients and helping to enrich the yeast that is used for fermentation. After fermentation, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is double distilled using a beer still and a doubler. The distilled liquid is aged in charred, virgin white oak barrels.

For Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, approximately 30-35 barrels of aged whiskey are selected from the middle floors of Warehouses C, I and K, which have proven to produce the distillery's best whiskey. Only 25-30 of these barrels are approved to be married and bottled as Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The result is expertly crafted bourbon that is light bronze in color with streaks of gold. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bears a complex aroma of vanilla, mint, and molasses. Its taste is pleasantly sweet and contains notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak and leather. The long and dry finish has significant depth. When enjoyed with water, flavors of toffee, dark candied fruit and anise are revealed.