Agwa - Bolivian Cocoa Leaf LiqueurAgwa - Bolivian Cocoa Leaf Liqueur
Size: 750ml

The only coca leaf liquor in the world with 32 grams of coca leaf in each bottle. Agwa, a natural herbal product can be cut to make sensational shots, marvelous martini's and classy cocktails

Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur is a natural herbal drink made with Bolivian Coca leaf, Amazonian guarana, Chinese ginseng and 34 other herbs inspired by ancient Inca usage. Coca leaf is legally served In the Andes as a tea or chewed in a Matte to reputedly improve oxygen circulation from the heart to the brain at high altitude. Guarana is a time honored stamina stimulant originating in the Amazon and widely used today. The power of Chinese Ginseng recognized by Eastern mystics no longer requires explanation in the West.

AGWA has a unique bittersweet peppery taste with an unusual effect best experienced with fresh limes or dried lime powder. Agwa de Bolivia is distilled and bottled in Holland.