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The sweep of Russian history is in every IKON Vodka bottle. Its' rich affluent taste has lasted from the nineteenth century to the twenty first. It has toasted the Czar, saluted the commissar and christened democracy.

IKON Vodka was born in 1862, when Vassil Vassilivitch Alexandrov, a merchant of the First Guild, was awarded an imperial license to produce superior vodka, for the Russian nobility. IKON Vodka's reputation spread across the Russian Empire. The rest of Europe also recognized the excellence of this vodka. Ultimately Ikon would capture 7 gold medals at International Exhibitions in Barcelona, Paris and London.

IKON Vodka's quality and popularity did not diminish during Russia's communist period. It became the vodka of choice for the worker, the artist and the intelligesia.

Today, IKON Vodka is enjoyed in many parts of the world. The secret to Ikon Vodka's enduring popularity is its marriage of tradition with modern distillery techniques.

IKON Vodka is produced 1500 kilometers from Moscow. IKON Vodka uses quality grain, pure artesian water and is distilled four times and quadruple filtered through Russian birch wood.

Make your own Icons in Life. Make IKON your vodka.