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Size: 750ml

HPNOTIQ is a uniquely different and sophisticated blend that is unrivaled today. HPNOTIQ combines the most exceptional characteristics of Pure Cognac, Premium Vodka, and natural Tropical Fruit Juices to create a level of quality and taste that is refined and elegant. This extraordinary blend allows the consumer to enter a new world of taste and sensations as never experienced before.

The recipe for HPNOTIQ has been a family secret handed down from generation to generation. Over the years one idea has remained intact; only the finest ingredients may be used when making HPNOTIQ. During a very long and arduous process, the finest fruits are selected by our team of experts. The precise selection is essential since each variety of fruit has its own unique characteristics, which must work in harmony with the cognac and vodka.

After a lengthy maceration, the fruits reach the climax of their aromatic flavor potential. The tropical nectars are then carefully proportioned and blended with each other. The result is an exquisite tropical fruit juice blend. One mystery never to be revealed is how HPNOTIQ achieves its beautiful ocean blue color. Once the brilliant blue hue is achieved, the exquisite fruit juice is then placed carefully in stainless steel, temperature controlled tanks to await their marriage to Cognac.