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Tequila, elixir of the Gods, forged by the passion of the ancient people of Mexico, whose legends have stood the test of time, is now reborn.

The authentic spirit of XXX Siglo Treinta, rooted deep in the heart of the finest Blue Agave, is cooked slowly in stone ovens producing the sweet honey that has been part of the history of Mexico for centuries. This nectar is aged to perfection, then baptized by fire several times to create the true essence of pure tequila.

Whether you enjoy it straight or prefer a premium mixed drink, XXX Siglo Treinta allows you to experience all the fire, without the burn. Itís bold attitude, smooth taste, and full sensual flavor is what sets XXX Siglo Treinta far above its rivals.

For those looking to eXXXplore their possibilities, eXXXpand their horizons, and live life to the eXXXtreme, XXX Siglo Treinta is the ultimate eXXXperience.

Taste the passion. Play with fire.

Winner of the Double Gold, World Spirits Competition, San Francisco, 2003