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Unibroue Ephemere -Apple Flavored Beer 750mlUnibroue Ephemere -Apple Flavored Beer 750ml
Size: 750ml

Apple – Éphémère

Color - Straw yellow with hues of jade

Apple-Éphémère possesses a fresh apple aroma with reminiscent notes of "Granny Smith" and "McIntosh" a subtle flavor of green apple is complemented by delicate notes of fruit and spice topped by a rich white head. Excellent as an aperitif, very refreshing and a perfect accompaniment for tapas, cream and light cheeses as well as any apple or pear desserts.

It is the third of series of fruit based "Blanche" beers. Brewed from 100% first quality natural ingredients with a perfect blend of spring barley, wheat, apple wort, spices and natural aromas. Apple - Éphémère is a beer on lees with a light yellow to jade color and is part of an exotic collection of refined beers that may be drunk as an aperitif or with dessert.