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Hitachino Nest Beer WeizenHitachino Nest Beer Weizen

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Size: 750ml

Kiuchi brewery was established by Kiuchi Gihei who was the village headman of the country Naka-gun Kounosu village in 1823. The Kiuchi family was collecting rice as land tax from farmhouse and paid those rice to Mito Tokugawa family. Kiuchi Gihei thought brewing Sake will be more efficient than keep those rice in warehouse. He purchased the instrument of brewing Sake and started brewing at the end of the Tokugawa period.

In the autumn of 1996 Kiuchi started a new challenge "HITACHINO NEST BEER”, using unique brewing techniques. “HITACHINO NEST BEER” is brewed with true heart and the finest materials. By 2000, this beer had won four gold medals at major international beer competitions.