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Samichlaus Bier 4-Pack 330ml. BottlesSamichlaus Bier 4-Pack 330ml. Bottles

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Size: 330ml

One of the rarest beers in the world, brewed only once a year on December 6th, subsequently fermented and matured for about 10 months before bottling in October. Thus Samichlaus is a vintage beer and with around 14 % of alcohol by volume the strongest bottom-fermented lager in the world. Samichlaus may be aged in the bottle for many years to come. Older vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish. Serve with hardy robust dishes and desserts, particularly with chocolates, or as an after dinner drink by itself - as a companion for meditations at the fireplace... Samichlaus is filled in personalized 330 ml. bottles, exported to exclusive distribution partners' worldwide mainly through pre-orders prior to bottling in October each year. Samichlaus contains only natural ingredients and is being brewed according the purity law of 1516.