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Stolichnaya Vodka & Ice Shot Glass SetStolichnaya Vodka & Ice Shot Glass Set

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Make your own shot glass out of ice.

Fill with water and freeze.


Makes five shot glasses out of ice to enjoy Stoli with your friends.

1. Open ice shot glass maker

2. Pull cover off of ice shot glass molds

3. Fill the 5 molds to line with water or juice and replace cover securely

4. Place ice shot glass maker, complete with a bottle of Stolichnaya, in freezer on a level surface

5. Let water or juice freeze for 4-5 hours

6. When frozen, remove ice shot glass maker from freezer and let sit for approx. 10 minutes

7. Open, remove cover from molds. When needed apply pressure to the bottom of molds to release ice shot glasses

8. Fill ice shot glasses with Stolichnaya Vodka and enjoy the cold truth