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Hallmark Cask Strength Scotch Gift BasketHallmark Cask Strength Scotch Gift Basket

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Hallmark Vatted Scotch 25yr "Rich and tantalizing with great fragrance and a light hint of smoke. Firm, smooth flavour on the palate with sweet, creamy and toffee-like overtones. A classic, well balanced marriage of malts." Wallace Milroy, Spirits connoisseur

Hallmark Blended Scotch 25yr "Smooth, mellow and rich but not heavy with an enduring floral aroma. Light heather and honey taste. A subtle, delicate sweetness which lingers nicely with an aromatic length of finish." Wallace Milroy, Spirits connoisseur

Set includes Hallmark Blended Scotch 25yr, Hallmark Single Malt Scotch 25yr, four rocks glasses, and an oversized picnic basket.