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Weltenburger Kloster Urtyp Hell Beer 16.9ozWeltenburger Kloster Urtyp Hell Beer 16.9oz

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The monestary of Weltenburg was founded at the beginning of the seventh century thus making Weltenburg the oldest Bavarian monatery. Records identify that beer brewing was done as early as 1050 AD at Weltenburg. Therefore the Weltenberg monastery can justifiably claim to be the world's oldest monastery brewery. The Weltenberg beers are of course brewed in strict accordance with the Bavarian purity law dating back to 1516 AD. At the present time there are nine different beers brewed under the label of Weltenberg. The special character and uniqueness of the Weltenberg beers is assured by the low content of nitrates in the brewing water, their own individual malt production, carefully chosen Hallertau hops and the regular- up to three month long-storage in the stone cellars forty meters below ground level. Numerous awards from the DLG (a German government entity) reflect the unparalleled quality of Weltenberg beers.

One of the few true German lagers exported. A pleasant hops-malt combination is one of the hallmarks of this beer. Light yet full-bodied a classic handcrafted Bavarian Thirst-Quencher.

Pleasant aroma when you open the bottle. This positive first impression is reinforced when you have your first taste. This is very crispy and fresh with a slight fruity aftertaste. Well rounded and a beer that would be nice at any time of the year but even more so at the end of a pleasant summer's day.