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Peychaud Bitters 5oz.Peychaud Bitters 5oz.

This brand of bitters originated from a family recipe brought to America by Antoine Amedee Peychaud when he fled Haitian in 1795 and settled in New Orleans. Antonie was an apothecary by trade, and around 1830 he produced the first known version of his secret bitters. He would often mix up a special brandy toddy according to his own recipe which used his private brand of bitters. This drink later evolved into the, a cocktail which many claim was the original cocktail, and some accounts even indicate that the term cocktail is derived from the egg-cup, or coquetier, in which early New Orleans brandy cocktails were served.

For any bar to be complete there must be a bottle of Peychaud's Bitters. Necessary in all of the most sophisticated cocktails, Peychaud's enhances the taste of whatever you're sipping. Try them in Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, or Whisky Sours.