Neige Apple Ice Wine 375mlNeige Apple Ice Wine 375ml

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Size: 375ml.
Producer: Neige

A taste of Quebec's winter and warmth! Produced in the depths of Quebec winter, each bottle contains a blend of 5 kg of McKintosh and Spartan apples. This golden liquid develops a complex aroma of candied fruit and achieves the perfect balance between the tart and the mellow. Aged over a year and born from an original process of natural cryo-concentration, it is characterized by a rich, warm amber colour, a bouquet of ripe apples with woody notes and a full taste of fruit, with touches of vanilla.

Although Neige is ready for immediate consumption, it can be aged and savored for several years.

On its own as an apéritif, Neige will warm the heart and caress the palate. It is also the perfect accompaniment to lightly sautéed foie gras, a fine piece of chèvre or warmed apple tart.

. Winner of the silver medal at Sélections Mondiales competition, 2004 edition.
. Gold medal at the Coupe des Nations 2002 international competition at the Festival de la Gastronomie de Québec.
. Best Buy 2001 & 2002 in the guidebook LES VINS (Éditions Debeur).
. Honourable mention at Sélections Mondiales competition, 2002 edition.
.Selected in the category of «Trends & Innovations», SIAL 2002 in Paris.
.La Sélection Chartier 2003 & 2004.