Jelinek Slivovitz 10 year oldJelinek Slivovitz 10 year old

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Size: 750ml

A typical Czech spirit and without exaggeration a national drink is RUDOLF JELINEK a.s.ís flag ship. Plums have been cultivated and processed in the Vizovice region from time immemorial and in addition to plum jam and prunes the characteristic bouquet of Slivovitz became part of the local colour of the region. Currently they are offering various types of Slivovitz which are known locally and throughout the world.

Classical Jelinek Slivovitz is produced in three stages of distilling mature plum ferment. In its aroma they can scent the slightly sweet fragrance of the stones, which, however, does not diminish the fruit character. Slivovitz, thanks to its mature ingredients and traditional technological procedure has a delicate taste and mild aroma.

The scent of Gold Slivovitz reminds them of cognac, but the taste has a slight tinge of plums. The unique harmonious taste and golden shades acquired by Slivovitz is due to long-term soaking of Limousin oak shavings in the spirit. On the contrary the Slivovitz from the Walachian kingdom gains its golden colour and taste from the amount of prunes in the ingredients.