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Patron Grand Platinum TequilaPatron Grand Platinum Tequila

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Size: 750ml

Gran Patron is the world's finest platinum tequila. Patrón tequilas are made from premium selected Weaber Tequilana Blue Agave plants. The trimmed heart of the agave plant resembles a large "pineapple". The trimmed agave "pineapples" weigh between 50 to 80 lbs. It takes 8 to 9 years for a premium Blue Agave to mature properly. Blue Agave grown in this region produce higher "honey" or sugar content, which when distilled produces a very individual character and flavor. There are certain "bitter" sprouts which must be carefully removed from the "pineapple" before steam baking. Few distilleries take the care and time to remove these sprouts. Patrón does! Triple distilled then aged to perfection. This is the smoothest sipping tequila ever produced.