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Prichards Crystal RumPrichards Crystal Rum

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Size: 750ml

Prichardís Crystal Rum: We have observed that maybe folks really donít like rum but they do like rum drinks. How many people do you know order a straight shot of rum? As you are aware, our rum is made with the finest, Louisiana, grade ďAĒ fancy molasses. Distilled five times in our own pot stills, we promise youíll find Prichardís Crystal Rum quite refreshing just over the rocks perhaps with a squeeze of lemon or lime. A clean crisp rum to be enjoyed chilled, straight up or on the rocks. The blackstrap bitterness often associated with many rums is totally absent, making Prichardís Crystal Rum the perfect mixer for everyoneís favorite rum cocktail.

To make a rum like this, we start with the finest table grade, Grade A Fancy, molasses from the plantations of Louisiana, and after a slow fermentation to make sure every sugar molecule possible is converted into alcohol, we distill it the first time. Then a second time, remembering every time it goes through the still it becomes cleaner tasting, stripped of undesirable flavors. Upon the fifth distillation, the last flavor standing is a wonderful, almost buttery flavor. As clean and pure as a super premium vodka, Prichardís Fine Rum is making its mark in the industry and finding a place on the well stocked bar.