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Ezra Brooks Bourbon 7 year 101 proofEzra Brooks Bourbon 7 year 101 proof
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Sub-Region: Louisville
Producer: Ezra Brooks Distlling

Seven years ago, a limited number of barrels of this rare old sippin' whiskey was carefully stored away, not to be disturbed until it reached its peak of smoothness. For 7 long years that whiskey just kept slowly agin', naturally mellowin', right inside those select, heavily charred White Oak barrels. The result: Old Ezra, a 7 year old, 101 proof Sippin' Whiskey... so sippin' smooth you know it could come only from the folks at Kentucky's Finest Little Distillery.

Sweet floral notes with undertones of vanilla, cinnamon, and fine wood.

Subtle notes of vanilla with floral tones and a warm, lengthy, buttery finish.