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4 Copas Silver Tequila4 Copas Silver Tequila

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4 copas, which means,"4 cups" is derived from the phrase, "we shall drink 4 cups." The phrase appears in traditional romantic Mexican song and verse.

4 Copas Blanco is about as close to the agave as you can get. The blue agave is estate grown, organically certified and tested for peak sugar content individually before harvest. Sebatian Melendez goes to work and the first result of his magical process is 4 Copas Blanco.

The Blanco wins the hearts of conoisseurs and chefs for it's purity, lemon lime and peppery characteristics. The beauty of using the best, pure agave known to man and eliminating all impurities in the process of refining it, is it's taste and the way it makes you feel. This elixir is wildly popular because of Enrico Caruso's Organic Margarita, which is plainly, unanimously "The best Margarita I have ever tasted" wherever it is poured!