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Shakka Grape Eau de VieShakka Grape Eau de Vie

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Size: 750ml

Shakka is home to the world’s most active volcanoes, flowing mantles of lava and a new and exciting world of imagination. Like an ever changing array of rainbows, it transcends the island mystic with a burst of flavors. In this meeting of heaven and earth, and ocean coolness, a new spirit called Shakka is born. Three parts island flavors, two parts imagination and fun!

To give it a flavor and spirit unlike any other, Shakka combines the finest of spirits with the purest natural fruit flavors.

Shakka is the friendly way of saying, “take it easy” or “good to see you my friend” and the salue to “Okole Ma Luna” or bottoms up, let’s have another.

Shakka is sublimely easy to take, either alone or to flavor other spirits or cocktails. In brilliant hues of purple grape it captures the essence of the spirit of Hawaii. The result is Launa “Ole! – incomparable, and “Ono! – delicious!