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Aquinas Chardonnay 2011Aquinas Chardonnay 2011

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Size: 750ml.

This golden, straw-colored wine has aromas of butterscotch, custard and vanilla. The palate is ripe with baked apple and caramel. The texture is very round and silky with a tropical fruit core including pineapple, guava and mango. The finish is supple with lemon zest, honey butter, Tahitian vanilla, and a hint of almond.

This is a fine aperitif or cocktail wine— full-bodied and quite the crowd pleaser. It pairs well with many rich lobster dishes, such as ravioli in a bisque crème sauce or a simple, delicious lobster roll. Another option would be baked butternut squash finished with a basil cream sauce. Frosted almond cookies would make an easy and elegant dessert pairing.