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Downunder VodkaDownunder Vodka

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Bottled in Melbourne, Australia, Downunder Vodka is fully imported into the US and marketed at domestic prices. Downunder represents the essence of Australian life; free spirited, easy going & heaps of fun! Unlike other Vodkaís, Downunder is triple distilled from Molasses making it distinctive and unique. The Molasses is extracted from 100% Aussie grown sugar cane, resulting in a polished product yielding a clean, balanced body and a smooth finish. Most vodkas are distilled in a stainless steel column. Downunder Vodka is distilled in a copper distillation column, which imparts a unique taste. Downunder is distilled from Molasses creating an ultra smooth vodka, essential for any good cocktail.

Donít forget Downunder Vodka is also triple distilled.