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Mythos Hellenic Lager 6-pack 330ml. BottlesMythos Hellenic Lager 6-pack 330ml. Bottles

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Size: 330ml

The most famous Hellenic Beer.

The lager with the rich head, bright golden color, and pleasant refreshing taste. Brewed from select varieties of barley and hops, Mythos guarantees pleasure in every occasion.

Mythos is the authentic Hellenic beer that was created in 1997, and is brewed until today in Thessaloniki, Greece. Even from the first year of brewing, Mythos left consumers with the best of impressions and in fact brought an end to the long term status quo of limited choices in the Greek beer Market. Mythos became the high potential, dynamic alternative proposition.

Mythos is a beer with a rich head, bright blond color, complex yet distinct aroma, intense fruity aromas, balanced taste with fruity nuances and hops, slightly sweet, with rich and long-lasting aftertaste that makes it pleasant and refreshing.