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DAB Beer 6-pack 330ml. BotttlesDAB Beer 6-pack 330ml. Botttles

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Size: 330ml
Country: Germany
Sub-Region: Dortmund
Producer: Dortmunder

From the start, DAB beer was not only drunk in Dortmund. In 1868, the city only had 36,000 inhabitants, hardly a large enough market for a major brewery. The company's beer was soon distributed through the newly established German Empire to cities as far afield as Königsberg and Cologne and it was not long before it made its debut on the international scene. In 1879, DAB beer was already exported to Holland, Belgium, France, India, Japan and Australia.

Export business was very important for DAB from the late 19th century onwards. As time went by, DAB not only became popular throughout Europe but also found enthusiastic customers on all the other continents.

The growing world-wide popularity enjoyed by DAB beer was no accident, but the logical consequence of outstanding quality. The pale Dortmund brew, the only beer bottled by DAB for many years, was always produced from the finest ingredients by state-of-the-art brewing processes. In 1881, Prof. Carl Linde himself personally supervised the installation at the DAB brewery of the refrigeration machine he had pioneered.

DAB pale beer broke all records and won world-wide recognition. It was hardly surprising that DAB was overwhelmed with accolades, winning the "Grand Prix" for outstanding quality at the Paris World's Fairs of 1900 and 1937. For special achievements in brewing, DAB was also awarded the Prussian State Medal, the highest honour then available, at Düsseldorf in 1913.

Nowadays, DAB is still one of Germany's major export brands and is represented in 20 countries throughout the world.

DAB. The beer of world fame.