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Jose Cuervo Oranjo TequilaJose Cuervo Oranjo Tequila

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Finally there's a flavored spirit with a tequila attitude. With natural orange, citrus and tropical fruit flavors, Cuervo Flavored Tequilas have a lively new edge, whether enjoyed as shots, mixed drinks or on the rocks. Smooth and delicious enough to sip, Cuervo Oranjo, Citrico and Tropina give you even more great ways to drink in the fun and excitement of Cuervo.

Cuervo Oranjo has orange and other citrus fruit flavors for a sweet and smooth new tequila experience. As a shot for a night out with the gang, or in a delicious cocktail like an Oranjo Chill, Cuervo Oranjo has the unmistakable Cuervo style that enlivens any get-together.