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Agua Luca CachacaAgua Luca Cachaca
Size: 750ml

┴gua Luca is a luxury sugar cane-based rum from Brazil (cachaša). Cachaša (ka-SHAH-sah) simply means Brazilian rum made from the juice of fresh sugar cane.

┴gua Luca is distilled from the fermented juice of high quality, hand-cut sugar cane within 24 hours of harvesting, employing artisanal techniques and traditions which have been refined over 450 years.

It is then filtered 12 times to produce a smooth and lively finish.

The quality of ┴gua Luca?s sugar cane, when combined with its meticulous production process, imparts a lighter, cleaner taste and aroma than other cachašas or molasses-based rums.

Among its accolades, ┴gua Luca proudly holds the Gold Medal of the 2006 International Cane Spirits Competition and the Silver Medal of the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

┴gua Luca makes an excellent substitute for many of your favorite cocktails made from vodka, tequila or other rums. For other ways to enjoy ┴gua Luca, please visit our website. www.agualuca.com We invite you to create your own ways to savor ┴gua Luca