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267 Lemon Vodka Infusion267 Lemon Vodka Infusion

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What are 267 Infusions?
Premium spirits combined with all-natural fruit and juices to make eight eminently refreshing cocktails, each presented in an exquisite, hand-blown glass bottle. There are real fruit slices in every bottle!

"At a resort in Costa Rica, the bartender was making these amazing drinks with fresh fruit mangos, limes, oranges. It was so incredible to watch him crushing the ice, squeezing this, muddling that. What he handed us was a gift. We were in this beautiful, exotic place; our kids and dearest friends all around us. It was the most wonderful experience. We thought, 'If only we could bottle this ... ' And that's what we decided to do." -Stacie Parker Shonfeld, Founder, 267 Infusions