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Chinaco Anejo Negro Lot 15Chinaco Anejo Negro Lot 15

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The mystery of Chinaco Negro is in the deep alluring colors of this rare year old 100% agave Tequila. Lost in the cellars of the Chinaco Distillery, were 12 casks of old Tequila of which 7 casks as worthy of bottling under the exclusive label Chinaco Negro. Each cask will be bottled as a single cask selection and assigned a special lot number. In addition, each bottle is numbered and signed by German Gonzales. A select few may remember a Chinaco “Muy Añejo” among the imports in the early 1990s. That tequila had a black label and spent more time in the wood than it’s other green labeled añejo. For years now the standard Chinaco line has been comprised of 3 products. The Blanco, Reposado, and the Añejo. This 5 year añejo continues Chinaco’s tradition of excellence. Collect the entire series, and marvel at the complexity and differences in each cask. Lot 15 - Limited to 480 bottles.