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Pinky VodkaPinky Vodka

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Being Swedish, Pinky’s champion wine tasters had no grapes to play with. Frustrated by their countyr’s climate, they turned their attnetion to Sweden’s national spirit – vodka. By applying the art of wine to the science of spirits, these champions created a new generation of vodka.

Not content with vodka distilled five times from the forest glacial water, their intrepid connoisseurs added unique, frsh botanicals after distillation creating a uniquely “pink” taste and floral nose.

Violets and rose petals lead ten other botanicals toward a singularly complex flavor, packed ful of esters – the delicate top notes giving fresh fruit its vibrant taste. The result is quite astonishing. Mixed with fruit juice, soda or tonic, Pinky updates the classic cocktails for a new generation of vodka drinkers.