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Regalia Vodka Snake Decanter

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Vodka Regalia is the only vodka in the world that has soft inimitable exquisite taste. It is not just vodka, it is something greater. Regalia is really a revolution in the alcoholic industry. It is a beverage of unusual taste that has no analogues.

*The water for the Regalia Vodka pumps through an artesian shaft that penetrates some 1,500 feet deep inside the earth
*5-stage purification process used to ensure the highest clarity and taste standards
*5 times distilled
*A succession of quarts sand and birch charcoal filters get rid of the smallest impurities
*The unique silver filtration system is what vaults Regalia into a world of its own, the realm of vodka nobility. It may be a little known fact, but the term blue blood actually comes from the therapeutic, antibiotic qualities of the silver used for making plates and utensils for feasting Royalty worldwide.