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Nemiroff Honey Pepper  VodkaNemiroff Honey Pepper  Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Honey and pepper this exquisite and, by its nature, conflicting combination gives vodka an unexpectedly memorable taste and a lasting aftertaste. Just take a sip, and you will feel the lingering notes of a soft and subtle prelude with a touch of flower-flavoured honey and steppe herbs, followed by the pleasantly burning taste of red chilli pepper. Sweet warm sensation flowing through your body will make you feel warm and will please your soul.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper is the company's own authoring, an original and unusually sensual drink that reflects all the facets of our lives, with their beauty, complexity and unpredictability. To create that taste, all the ingredients undergo thorough selection. In assessing the batches of red chilli pepper, they pay close attention to the colour and size of the peppers, and carefully check whether all requirements in the drying process were met. In choosing the honey (buckwheat, as a rule), they pay special attention to its colour and, no less importantly, whether it has a touch of bitterness in its taste. After all, those are the ingredients that, to a large extent, determine the quality of the Nemiroff Honey Pepper bitters, which, from its launch in September, 1998, has grown into the true business card for Ukraine.