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Piraat Belgian AlePiraat Belgian Ale
Size: 750ml




Fruity, spicy, complex aroma and flavor. A sweet palate is followed by low hop bitterness, evident coriander-like spiciness and a titillating alcoholic blast reminiscent of Flemish fantasies.


Seafood and meat. Is often appreciated as an after dinner beer and cigar lovers claim there is no better beer to enjoy with a cigar.


Belgian Pale Ale


Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Piraat is re-fermented in the bottle, And in the keg! It is a living beer!

In the 17th and18th century, ales like Piraat were highly prized and sought after by seafaring pirates and their captains. A pint a day was the ration passed down by the Captainto his crew. Piraat has a well rounded body and a wickedly rich flavour. The powerful glow builds from the inside with a deep golden hue and soft haze. With aggressive amounts of hops and malts a mild sweetness is coupled with colorful aromas fresh bread, spices, tropial fruits for a compex taste any ‘pirate' would enjoy!