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AE Dor Cognac AssortmentAE Dor Cognac Assortment

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Size: 750ml

A sample set in a wooden box with closure containing 200ml of each of the following cognacs: VS, VSOP, Napoleon, and XO

VS Fresh and fruity. This cognac is partly made from Fins Bois, which offers to the Selection its style and characteristics strength, finesse with a scent of flowers and good maturity and elegance on the palate. The appearance is bright yellow, which shows the purity of the cognac. This nose is intense without being aggressive.

VSOP This cognac has a generous and cordial bouquet with floral tones. Ardent and frank nose. Immediate development. Finesse and length resulting from the marriage of the two best Cognac growths: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.

Napoleon Different from the preceding Cognac since it is a careful blend of several different growths. It mixes the maturity of the Fins Bois, the vigour and vivacity of the Borderies and the finesse and length of the Champagnes. Vanilla and violet tones. The characteristic of this Cognac is that it is well-rounded and mellow.

XO Champagne reveals a complex and well-balanced bouquet progressively to both the nose and the palate. Flowery tones, honey and vine canes. With its pleasant, delicate aroma and its well-rounded maturity, this is a cognac that gives a preview of the quality offered by famous N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, and N11.