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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Cask 16Crown Royal Canadian Whisky Cask 16

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Size: 750ml

Known for producing the benchmark of Canadian Whiskey, Crown Royal now introduces the latest in their special series of cask bottlings. This is a Canadian Whiskey finished in rare Cognac casks from the Limousin forest in France. Crown Royal's master blender begins with a unique blend of more than 50 diffrent individually aged whiskies. Ageing in Lumousin casks produces a spirit of tremendous complexity and multi-demintional character. Exceptional in character and taste, this special blend is slightly fruity with a spicy aroma and a clean, long, and pleasent finish. Rich and elegant - this special Canadian will elevate any special occasion.

The Cognac region of France is famous for its distilleries, which have manufactured and exported Cognac since the 18th century. The postal codes for all the cities in the Cognac region begin with "16". Thus, all the casks used in the Crown Royal Cask 16 are stamped "16" to mark their authenticity and place of origin.