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Martin Codax Albarino 2010Martin Codax Albarino 2010
Size: 750ml
Producer: Martin Codax

White “Martin Codax” Albarino takes its name from a 13th century Galician minstrel whose poems evoke the gallant love and passion for the sea. The canticles by “Martin Codax” are the oldest of all the Galician-Portuguese poems to preserve their original music. The manuscript where they are recorded, know as the “Vindel Parchment”, is preserved in the Morgan Library in New York.

An attractive straw-greenish yellow color, with ripe lemon nuances. Bright and slightly sparkling in appearance. Stands out for its special intensity and elegance, its aroma reminiscent of damp, dewy fresh herbs with a perfume of semi-ripe apples. A fine sparkling sensation on the palate, with a complexity of tastes denoting the freshness of vegetation in the valley and the essence of the variety. Persistent, full-bodied and tasty...a classic.