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Schlafly Brewery Dry Hopped APA  6-pack 12oz. BottlesSchlafly Brewery Dry Hopped APA  6-pack 12oz. Bottles

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Size: 12oz.

Schlafly's Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale (APA) uses a hefty dose of American hops to create a bold, bitter ale. After fermentation, the beer is re-circulated through a tank packed with hops for 7 days, for added hop flavor and aroma. They use American ale yeast and Northern American caramel malt to showcase the purity of the 100% whole cone Cascade and Chinook hops.

In the long view of the history of beer, American Pale Ale is a newcomer. Based on English Pale Ale, American brewers have made this style their own. Born out of the re-emergence of Pale Ale during the 1980ís American beer scene, APA is the bold, hoppier cousin of Pale Ale. With an emphasis on American hops, APA is gaining popularity. Breweries are racing to make the hoppiest, bitterest ales possible.

ABV: 5.9% | IBU: 50
Appearance: Golden amber, slightly hazy
Process: Dry-hopped with whole cone American hops; unfiltered
Hops: Cascade (US), Chinook (US), Athanum (US)
Malts: 2-row and Caramel malted barley
Yeast: American ale
OG: 14.8
SRM: 10.6

6 x 12oz bottles