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Kilo Kai RumKilo Kai Rum

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Size: 750ml


We love rum. I mean, we love rum. Trouble was, we weren't entirely in love with the spiced rum available in our favorite bars. That upset us. Greatly. So we sat down and had some serious conversations with other people who loved rum. Bartenders. Aficionados. Our kind of people. With their insight, and our connections, we set about creating a rum that didn't take itself too seriously and wouldn't compromise on taste either - a rum so smooth and flavorful, you could drink it straight. You read that right. Straight. Try that with any other spiced rum on the market. Exactly. It just so happens that this rum also goes perfectly in your favorite cocktail. The rum's name? Kilo Kai. It was love at first sight.

KILO KAI is spiced rum blended with the unique flavors and scents of the Caribbean. The complexity arises in the flavors of anise, vanilla, banana, cherry, nutmeg and orange peels that linger harmoniously on the palate.

KILO KAI is crafted with 1-year-old and 3-year-old rums for a smooth blend that delicately balances the integrity of both the rum and the spices.

KILO KAI is the perfect rum for aficionados and novices alike because its complexity and unique blend of flavors allows it to be mixed in a favorite cocktail or enjoyed straight.

KILO KAI is premium spiced rum designed with the insight of bartenders and aficionados, and crafted by a third generation Master Blender.

KILO KAI is real rum that never compromises & Takes No Prisoners


Curaçao is part of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) of the Netherlands Antilles. It's the place to go if you want to find sun-drenched beaches, world-class diving and people speaking Papiamento. It's also the place to go to find real rum that has been blended for generations.


Angelo Leanez is a third generation rum man. He's in charge of blending Kilo Kai Rum. And we couldn't be happier. Angelo has a healthy obsession with rum. He's a perfectionist and takes his rum very seriously. Angelo makes sure either he, or a member of his family, is personally involved in every step of the blending process. Only in this way can Angelo feel confident that every batch of Kilo Kai Rum lives up to his impossible standards. The Leanez family is not just famous on Curaçao for being liqueur and spirits producers. To acknowledge all they have done for the island, Angelo's grandfather and father were knighted by Dutch royalty.


Angelo only works in small batches of rum: about 1,000 liters at a time. Compare that to the 20,000-liter batches of some rum producers, and you can begin to see how unique this rum is. The smaller batches allow Angelo to better control the quality and flavors of the young, tempermental spirit. Sure, it's grueling work and long hours but, as we said, Angelo has an obsession. And you will love him for it. When blending Kilo Kai, Angelo uses rum that has been aged 1 to 3 years. He likes to use young spirits because the spices would overpower a more mature rum. Now…all rum comes from sugar cane…but not all rum tastes like Kilo Kai. The difference lies in the scents and flavors of Curaçao and in the famous Leanez family touch. It's the thing of legends. Take a sip of Kilo Kai and you'll taste what we mean. Vanilla beans. Cinnamon sticks. Nutmeg. This is real rum. This is Kilo Kai.